POP POW Bang – Happy 2019! 🙌

POP POW Bang – Happy 2019! 🙌

To quote the wonderful singer Nina Simone “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’m feelin good!”  2019 is here with like a bolt of lightning, fast and impressive.

My focus this year is about joy, growth and community service both in the volunteer aspect as well as the professional aspect.  The joy part is easy since our oldest daughter became engaged last year and the whole family is joyfully awaiting the wedding this year.  

I have not made a New Year’s Resolution, rather I am continuing my commitment to my work and building programs and strategies that help my clients thrive. I am continuing my focus on learning how to engage best with my family as I have the challenge that many have of aging parents, children transitioning from teens to adults and adjusting to being empty nesters. I am continuing to aspire to have the best health possible.  Yoga, weight training, tennis, running you name it I will try it.  Resolutions just aren’t for me as I see life as a continuous work in progress and a reset button does not exist for me but rather a stairway that creates a path of continued experiences enriching my life everyday.  That’s just the way I think, logical, methodical and bold. Are you picking up what I am laying down?

I celebrated the ringing in of the new year quietly next to the love of my life, Steve, but prior to the ball dropping; (interesting that dropping the ball is a positive symbol that marks the beginning of the new year, in my business there is nothing symbolic or positive about dropping the ball, just sayin,) ANYWAY, my husband and I met a few friends for cocktails and dinner at a local hotel.  The drinks, amazing, the company even better, the food, awful, so bad that we will never forget our last meal of 2018. As Steve and I let our two pooches in before the illegal fireworks began, we could not help but be thankful for the family we have nurtured together (though at times any given one of my kids or Steve have made me want pull my hair out and light my tongue on fire,) the business we have built and most importantly the wonderful luck we had in meeting each other.  Who knew a simple bumping into each other late one night at a hospital to mark the birth of a mutual friend’s first child, would lead to the life we have today. With us all things are possible even as different as we are. He’s more RUSH I am more Stevie Wonder

January 1, I pushed Steve out of bed and announced we were going hiking and he was a trooper and agreed.  For those of you who know me well and to warn those who don’t, most people have a bit of fear when I say let’s go hiking because a somewhat leisurely stroll in nature down winding paths, atop hills that deliver on stunning views usually turns into a slight jog, then a quicker pace and then a full on run.  For some this could be torture as their appreciations of the massive hill ahead is not seen as challenge to overcome but can be overwhelming and seen as an obstacle that can’t possibly be overcome (SO SO SO SORRY COLLEEN!)  This hike was different though Steve was ahead of me, unusual, and I had trouble catching my breath, I struggled.  Call it age, call it being out of shape, call it whatever but I did not like that feeling.  So those hills are my new challenge and I will run them, not with ease but not with struggle, just hard work.  Want to join me?  I am doing a team run in April and need recruits!

What will be the struggle in the Bay Area real estate market in 2019? Certainly, the classic lack of preparation and knowledge will be the biggest issue for buyers and sellers this year, but it does not have to be a struggle it’s simply a little something that we can overcome.  So, the sooner we get to work to understand what our present challenges and obligations are or will be the better our intentions, outcomes, and WEALTH will be.  I should point out the REALISTIC expectations is key to success after all the operative word is REAL Estate, not fantasy estate, not lucky estate and not I don’t care what the data’s trend shows estate.  This where I enter the equation, I am here to help you evaluate your needs, plan your next step and achieve and implement your real estate and wealth strategies.  Your success is my success!

AND So…..

Many of you know that I created the Corio Group in 2018.www.TheCorioGroup.com The group is continuing to grow and I am adding resources and tools often to ensure my clients receive best in class service and knowledge.  In addition to the formation of the group, I have created Integrity Plus, a comprehensive program for SELLERS that focuses on maximizing the proceeds of a sale while minimizing the expense of selling a home.  This program was very carefully developed and its success has been tested to ensure the best possible results for sellers.  For BUYERS I have created a Smart Start program that focuses on easily delivered property alerts, organized transaction management to reduce stress, reduction in paperwork (YAY!) and huge cost savings on monthly mortgage payments, helping buyers get more home or a better location regardless of rising interest rates.  Not magic, simply knowledge.

Some financial tools of note are the usage of a 1031 Exchange and a reverse 1031 Exchange for those of you wanting to invest.  Bridge loans for acquiring your next primary residence before selling your current home.  Lastly, helping mom and dad navigate through a reverse mortgage (a more frequent tool being utilized given the rising cost of health care.)  A simple consultation can help to gain a lot of clarity.

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